FPV Rebels are technologically savvy passionate people with a need for speed.

FPV Rebels is a member of the Australian FPV Association (AUFPV) which is a national body made up of all major FPV racing clubs in Australia and represents Australia as a whole in all things associated with FPV Drone racing worldwide.

The AUFPV is a member of the World Rotor Sports Association which is made up of over 30 nations and the current FPV World Championships organisers with direct input in matters relating to racing worldwide. The AUFPV is the organiser the first Australian FPV Racing Drone Nationals in 2016 which was a qualifying event for the World FPV Championships held in Hawaii in October 2016. Since then AUFPV has organised all following Nationals and the FPV Rebels are a major qualifying club.

As a registered Special Interest Group with the Model Aeronautical Association Australia we offer you the support and ability to fly multi-rotors with like minded people.

​Working at a grass roots level including Educational groups, Councils and governing bodies we are a Flying force in the world of FPV in Australia.

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